On behalf of the underserved children in Rwanda, Guinea and Bosnia-Herzegovina, we would like to ask you to consider partnering with RDDC in one of our primary fundraising efforts in 2013:

RDDC Guinea: Giving Children the Nutrition of Life and the Skills of Tomorrow
RDDC needs your support in continuing our meal program to give street children and underserved youth a daily meal of rice and sanitary drinking water. We are also asking for your assistance in continuing our educational program in which these children have access to learning English and French language with a local instructor.

Here are some examples of how your money will be used directly in the field to provide food and education:

  • 1 rice meal for 30 children for the duration of the program: $2,314.291
  • 1 month of French/English classes (6 days per week): $300
  • 1 rice meal for 30 children for one week: $128.57
  • Drinking water for the duration of annual program: $92.57
  • 1 exercise book, 1 pencil and 1 pen for a student in English class: $2.50
  • 60 cans of drinking water for one day: $0.85
  • 1 meal of rice: $0.71

RDDC Rwanda: Building a Path to Formal Education and Safe Living Conditions
RDDC needs your support to help street children enrolled in the dance/IT program transition into the formal education system in Rwanda. By helping a child go to boarding school, you are securing him a place to sleep, three meals a day, two school uniforms and a proper education.

Here are some examples of how your money will be used directly in the field to change the lives of these street children:

  • School fees and all materials/supplies/transportation for one boy for one year: $1,600
  • 1 term of school tuition fees (Sonrise Boarding School): $333
  • 2 school uniforms: $58
  • 1 bed mattress: $33
  • 1 pair of black shoes: $20

RDDC Bosnia-Herzegovina: Supporting Advanced Training for Talented Youth
In October 2013, a group of eight students from across the USA, Africa, the Balkans and Ukraine will join RDDC staff to undergo intensive training in multiple genres of dance, IT/computer science and English language. These youth will then return to their home countries to work as youth assistants in RDDC programs and/or with other local organizations.

Here are some examples of how your money will be used directly in the field to train talented students:

  • 1 month of an international guest teacher giving intensive training classes: $2,850
  • 1 month of program support from our local Country Director: $700
  • 1 month of housing for an international student: $450
  • 1 day of studio rental for 6 hours: $20
  • 1 day of meal provisions for an international student: $15

The RDDC is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible in the United States. Donors will receive an acknowledgement letter that they may use as proof of a charitable contribution.