Touring Repertory

The USA-based work of the professional performance troupe is reflected in its repertoire of full-length contemporary ballets: “Antigone” (2005), “Helen Keller” (2007), “Darfur” (2008), “Greed: The Tale of Enron” (2009), “Van Gogh” (2009), and “Braving the New World” (2010).

Antigone Thumbnail


Based on Sophocles’ Greek tragedy, this classic play is transformed into an original ballet set to music by Russian composer Timofey Buzina. “Antigone” sheds light on the conflict a young girl feels between obeying the laws of the state and her loyalty to preserving the family’s memory.

Greed: The Tale of Enron Thumbnail

GREED: The Tale of Enron

This bold dance production follows the history of Enron, a $100 billion corporation. From the meteoric rise to the complete collapse of this remarkable institution, the Rebecca Davis Dance Company explores the motives and human relationships that forced corporate America to rethink its impact on the daily lives of working people.

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Helen Keller

Based on the amazing life story of the blind-deaf Helen Keller, this ballet shows the inspirational story of her and Anne Sullivan as they influence the lives of others around the world. The ballet is set to classical music.

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A one-act modern dance production inspired by the experiences of US Marine Brian Steidle and his book, The Devil Came on Horseback. This one-act production set to alternative rock music is a compelling and provocative artistic statement to engage people in social action.

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Van Gogh

Traveling from the classical to the abstract, this original interpretation of Vincent van Gogh introduces the audience to the unusual individuals who impacted his life and his art. Each scene is inspired by one of van Gogh’s lesser known sketches or paintings. The story finds the humanity in a man often depicted as a lonely, tormented genius who scorned the warmth of love and family.

Braving the New World Thumbnail

Braving The New World

In this totalitarian world, human beigns are manufactured in test tubes and live in a world of mechanization, conformity and obedience. All the while, Big Brother is watching. Only one individual is ready to fight the regime and seek true love.